The Obesity Code by Dr. Fung

This book is exceptional. It is well organized and clearly written. Using human data only, Dr Fung demonstrates that the common approach to weight loss of eating less and moving more is doomed to fail, almost every time.

He builds his case that weight is a hormonal issue affected by sugar, sleep deprivation and stress, among other things. He demonstrates that insulin levels determine weight. He proposes a way to lower insulin levels, thereby increasing insulin sensitivity.

Any one interested in alleviating their guilt over failing at standard diets would gain peace from reading this book.

Any one interested in improving their overall health, reducing their risk of dementia, heart disease or high blood pressure should read this book.

Obese people and type 2 diabetics certainly should read it because he is outlining a cure for type 2 diabetes and a way to permanently lose weight without counting calories.

I dare not write any more because I would have to repeat the entire book to continue explaining and he has done a much more elegant job of it.


The disturbing sense that the world is tilting beneath your feet is vertigo or dizziness.
Dizziness is quite distressing and can be dangerous if it results in a fall.

The brain’s number one job is knowing where we are in space. The presence of vertigo makes it impossible for the brain to function properly. Short term memory and concentration are poor when the brain is distracted by vertigo.

There are three areas I am aware of that can be structural causes for vertigo. Upper neck muscle tightness just below the mastoid process, upper neck tightness along the base of the skull and muscle tightness along the posterior aspect of the jaw mandible ramus.

Releasing whatever tightness found in these three areas can get rid of vertigo.


I just learned how prevalent lymphedema has become. I had no idea. Lymphedema is swelling of an arm or leg due to fluid that has been unable to leave the area. The lymph channels return fluid to the circulatory system by collecting it from the tissues and moving it back to the lower neck area where it empties into the veins. The most common cause of arm lymphedema is mastectomy surgery with biopsy of the lymph nodes in the arm pit.

I have had good results from releasing tightness in muscles and ligaments that cross over the lymph pathway. Usually a couple of treatments are enough.

Tight pectoral muscles apply pressure to the artery supplying blood to the arm, the vein returning blood from the arm and the lymphatic channel returning fluids from the arm. The artery resists the pressure because it has a muscular wall. The lymph chain and the vein are soft and easily squeezed. If the pressure is enough, it slows down the return of fluid causing swelling of the arm. Both mastectomy and chemotherapy can leave intense tightness in the muscles.

I have relieved lymphedema in the arm by releasing tightness in the pectoral muscles. A friend of mine out of town had lymphedema. I worked on her once while I was visiting and she was able to guide her regular osteopath to complete the work. She has no trouble with lymphedema now.

When I have released tightness in the inguinal ligament it has relieved serious swelling in the leg. One client was told her leg would have to be amputated someday. One treatment from me stopped the swelling for a couple of weeks and she figured out how to release the tightness herself from that one treatment.

Health Care Sleuth

My recent success with my dog is very typical of how I like to sleuth problems out in health care.
We got our rescue dog when he was 5 months old. The rescue group knew nothing about him as he was found on the street stray. We tested his DNA from a cheek swab. He is a mix of Lhasa Apso, Pekinese and a dash of West Highland White Terrier.

Periodically he would quiver. I was thinking maybe pain, maybe indigestion. I tried to look it up on the internet without success. Finally a friend found a reference to generalized tremor syndrome, originally seen in small dog breeds. A few days later there was an article in the paper about dog DNA. In developing the breed characteristics dogs got duplicate or triplicate portions of DNA. This DNA aberration is thought to be the reason why the breeds are susceptible to certain health issues.

I knew the Lhasas and the Pekes were bred to be guard dogs. I reasoned that the breed characteristic selected for was high alertness. High alertness implies the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight system) is overactive.

I was taught in the 1980’s in a class taught by a brilliant chiropractor, Howard Balduc, that the sympathetic nervous system can be calmed down by the amino acid Tyrosine.

I began giving my dog a small dose of Tyrosine with each meal. He has barely quivered at all since starting the Tyrosine. He is calmer, eats more regularly and his stools are more regular and a healthier consistency.


I have carried supplements in my office for 35 years. I want people to have immediate access to quality supplements for a good price. My markup has never been the suggested retail of 100%.

Due to the shifts in the economy I am no longer ordering product for my office shelves, except products I use myself.

You can order directly from my major supplier Nutrition Dynamics by having me set up an account under my account.

You can also email your order to me at or call it in to the office number 651-644-8242. I will place the order and it will be shipped to your address.

As long as I am licensed as a chiropractor I cannot sell to anyone who is not a client, that means I must have treated you once.

The Dorito Effect


a review of
The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor
by Mark Schatzker

This book is fascinating. It answers one of my long term questions, how did humans survive with out nutritional guidance? I am being facetious but I have always wondered how humans survived without knowing what is poisonous and what foods are nutritious.

The book elucidates information for several researchers. One researcher worked with goats. He observed goats eat two plants in combination all the time. If the goats ate either one alone it would be toxic. Eating them plants together the two plants neutralize each other’s toxins in the goat’s stomach.

The same researcher made a herd of goats phosphorus deficient, then gave them maple flavored feed which did NOT contain phosphorus. After the goats ate the maple flavored feed the researcher injected phosphorus into the goat’s stomach without the goats being able to taste it. The goats sought out the maple flavored feed.

A tomato researcher has identified the 20 flavors in a tomato that humans respond to most strongly. He then figured out how the tomato makes each of the flavors and discovered every one of them is made from a nutrient that is ESSENTIAL for us.

Humans have an exquisite sense of taste triggered by breathing out through our noses while we are chewing. We capable of identifying thousands of “flavors” and we associate the flavors with how we feel after eating each food. The food industry has figured this out and uses it to trick us with empty calories accompanied by artificial flavors.

Mark Schatzker also mentions a study in 1926 Chicago. A pediatrician got permission from several mothers to feed their babies. Fifteen babies participated for 6 years. They had access to 34 foods. Initially all the children sampled all the foods. Each child developed their own eating patterns and favorite foods, but overall each child ate a balanced diet. During a mononucleosis outbreak the children ate more raw beef, carrots and beets as they recovered. During growth spurts they all sought out more protein. At the end of the study they were the healthiest children in Chicago.

My astounding realization based on all the information in this book was that each of us is made to know exactly what we should be eating at any given moment in our lives to meet the challenges of our current environment. After all, if goats and children know what to eat . . .

Two caveats –

craving sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, and drugs does not count

we need to eat a wide palate of whole foods so our bodies have the information about nutrient sources, avoiding foods with added flavors, even if the additions are “natural”

EAT what you CRAVE:)

Brain Maker

Brain Maker book review

One of the three books I have read recently that added a totally new dimension to my health care approach was Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter.

In Brain Maker Dr Perlmutter gives several amazing clinical stories of restoring brain health by fixing the gut biome. He speaks of conditions as serious as MS, autism and attention deficit being helped to the point of being symptom free. He claims these stories are the norm for his practice now.

He includes a week long meal plan to restore brain health. It was too much for me at this time but I have started eating fermented foods every day. I discovered I really like kefir made with goat’s milk. I start the day with several swallows. Yes, I drink it straight from the bottle since I am the only imbiber. Around lunch I drink about a third of a bottle of Kombucha (fermented tea). This comes in an astonishing array of flavors, but watch the sugar content. I am working on adding a third fermented food, probably sauerkraut.

Also increasing my vegetables, because the fiber feeds the gut bacteria. I am paying attention to my daily intake of inulin – a particular favorite of the gut flora – found in artichokes, leeks, onions, garlic, and bananas. Still working on that one.

Gut bacteria help heal our gut lining, they help us digest protein and most astounding to me, some of them make the same compound we make, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that stimulates the growth of new brain cells and stimulates formation of connections between brain cells.

Dr. Perlmutter quotes some wild research studies interchanging gut bacteria from anxious mice to calm mice, making the calm mice anxious. Done in reverse it makes the anxious mice calm.

Someday we will see a standard follow up treatment to antibiotics consisting of transplanting gut bacteria from a healthy donor into the gut of the person recovering from whatever condition necessitated the antibiotics. The procedure is already done today in hospitals for people with Clostridium difficile infections. Someday hopefully gut flora transplanting will also be part of the care for autism, ADHD, MS and Alzheimer’s, to name a few neurological conditions.

Letter to my Clients

In an effort to reach more people I am undertaking to inform previous clients about the wide number of conditions I have helped over the years.


asthma, allergies, carpal tunnel, shin splints, back pain, leg pain, foot pain, arm pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, hand  pain, neck pain, head pain, back stiffness, shoulder stiffness, hip stiffness, neck stiffness, jaw stiffness, autism, ADHD, ADD, diarrhea, cramps, constipation, restless legs,
menstrual symptoms, SIBO, cramps, irritability, nausea, breech birth trauma, irritable bowel, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, heartburn, GERD, low pancreas function, indigestion, arrhythmia, arthritis, colic, recurring shoulder dislocation, headaches, migraines, arm tingling, leg numbness, arm numbness, leg tingling, dysbiosis, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, rheumatoid arthritis, diverticulosis, facial tics, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome

I purposely made the above list a little difficult to decipher because I want to make my point it is worth contacting me about any condition that is not a medical emergency and coming in for a free consult.

history and structural assessment
structural correction using deep muscle releasing
foods to eat
exercises to do emphasizing stretches that can be done while reading the paper or watching TV
supplements as needed

My goal is to improve health without keeping clients coming forever.


I went to chiropractic school and in my senior year I learned how to change bone alignment using muscle releasing techniques instead of bone adjusting. I preferred the slower style and pursued it. During the first two years of my practice I developed most of what I do now. I observed that with muscle work I could get faster results than bone adjusting and the results would last a lot longer.

Two years after graduating I took a two year credit course in chiropractic diagnosis and management of internal conditions. The instructor imparted a detailed understanding of the nervous system that I use constantly.

During the past 34 years since my graduation in 1980 the bulk of my continuing education has been Functional Medicine. I attended seminars taught by Jeff Bland, the father of functional medicine. I also learned from four other biochemists and experts in supplementation over the years.

My thinking naturally follows several pathways at a time. Every issue has multiple causes and each cause can be modified in several ways. By brain storming together we can develop small steps that lead to better health.


Exercise induced post inertial dyskinesia
went for a walk, sat down for a bit, then too stiff to get up easily
usually caused by inflammation so what to do to quench the fire? I can hear all the answers from you, antioxidant vitamins, water, meditation, but there is a new very ancient player being looked at now – our gut microbiome

I’ve been reading Perlmuttter’s new book Brain Maker and it is mind blowing